All inclusive price of each piano, grand piano or pianoforte includes:
- delivery throughout Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Luxemburg
- outright tuning of the pianos
- one-year warranty on mechanical functionality of the pianos sold
We shall deliver the instrument within seven days from accepting the deposit.
Origin of our pianos is exclusively from Western Europe.

We are mainly focused on selling luxury pianos from reputable manufacturers!
But our offer also includes quality pianos at an affordable price.
We are offering you the original video recordings of instruments from our offer played bythe top professional piano player and pedagogue fromŽilina Conservatory, Master of Arts Michal Dírer.
These video recordings should guide you in your selection even before you visit us, or when purchasing via an Instant Order.

Yes, we offer you the purchase of a piano from the comfort of your home in the form of an Instant Order, with guarantee of your satisfaction with the piano purchased.
Only in this form of purchase you´ll get a discount up to 20% off the price listed!
There is an original recording and photo documentation available for you.

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You can visit us any day.
You need to announce your visit
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Luxury Piano Salon
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Bratislava 85106

Piano Salon Prešov
Sabinovská 87
080 01 Prešov

You can arrange for a VIP visit
by calling 00421 949 179 977


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Bank connection: Slovenská sporiteľňa
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