I am Igor Balog Sr., I am the piano and organ adept with 28-year practice, school Rieger Kloss Krnov. Tradition of this craft started my late grad-father Mikuláš Balog. His successor was my already late father Ladislav Balog.

This craft is passed down in our family from father to son.

I have established the firm of “klavíre.eu s.r.o. in June 2014 with the aim to offer the customers high quality, warranty and satisfaction as well as all-inclusive price for each of our pianos.

All Inclusive is:
- import all SR, Western Europe
- tuning the piano on the spot
-year warranty on the mechanical functionality of the piano

The sound of every single piano is my masterpiece.
Only with us you have the original video recordings.
This is not offered to you by any piano manufacturer, nor by any of the global competitors.

Currently, klavire.eu s.r.o is the largest seller of used pianos in Slovakia.
Klavire junior.eu is our daughter company of my son Igor.

There are no opening hours!

    Yours sincerely

 Igor Balog Managing Director and Owner of KLAVIRE.EU s.r.o.


klavire.eu s.r.o.
ul.Kunderova 424
072 15 Budkovce

Tel: 00421 949 179 977
WhatsApp: 00421 949 179 977
E-Mail: klavire@zoznam.sk

You can visit us any day.
You need to announce your visit
by calling 00421 949 179 977

Luxury Piano Salon
ul.Vyšehradská 4,
Bratislava 85106

Piano Salon Prešov
Sabinovská 83
080 01 Prešov

You can arrange for a VIP visit
by calling 00421 949 179 977


Business name: klavire.eu s.r.o.
Trade register number: 840-24320
Tax ID Number: 2120628708
Business ID: 51206200
Bank connection: Slovenská sporiteľňa
Account number:
SK26 0900 0000 0051 3870 0635

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