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I warmly welcome you to the Klavire.eu s.r.o. website

Personally, I would rather welcome you directly in my Piano Showroom at 41 Svornosti Street Bratislava 82106 Podunajské Biskupice.

I am very happy and appreciate your interest if you are only thinking about buying a piano.

My name is Igor Balog senior, I am a piano and organ master with over 30 years of experience at the Rieger Kloss Krnov school. The tradition of this craft in our family was already started by my poor grandfather Mikuláš Balog, his successor was my poor father Ladislav Balog.
This craft is passed down from father to son in our family.


I founded Klavire.eu in June 2014
My goal was to offer customers high-quality pianos from renowned manufacturers, selling pianos at a professional level with services included in the so-called All Inclusive price.

For each piano I provide free of charge:

-import within the entire Slovak Republic
-piano tuning on the spot


For the purchased piano you have:

- one-year warranty on mechanical functionality

By law, there is no warranty period when selling used goods.

It's just my good will and a sign that you have nothing to worry about if you buy a used piano from me.

A year is a long time for even a hidden defect to show up!

I buy tools personally according to my exacting criteria, the origin of those tools is exclusively from Western Europe first hand.

Before I display it in the Piano Salon, each instrument undergoes my professional service, renovation or general repair.

You can judge my final work already on the basis of the original video recordings, which are available here on this website.


In today's era of high inflation, buying a high-quality piano is definitely a wise investment.

The price of used pianos also depends on the price of new pianos.


We do not have regular opening hours, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

The name of the company as well as the web address is unwritten due to the occupied domain and a company with a similar name!



I look forward to your visit to my Piano Showroom.

Yours sincerely

piano master Igor Balog, manager and owner of the company KLAVIRE.EU s.r.o.